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IT Manager
Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
Contract duration: Full-time work
Required documents: Biometric passport
Working schedule: 8 hours
Salary 20 000 UAH
Description: We invite you to work in a production company with foreign investment head of IT department
We offer:
  • Official employment and all social guarantees
  • Opportunity for professional development and growth
  • Interesting and stable work in an enterprise with foreign investment
  • Business trip abroad every six months
  • Education in the Czech Republic
  • Salary increase every six months

Requirements for a candidate:

  • Higher education
  • Proficiency in MS Office
  • Experience with Helpdesk
  • Experience with a large number of users (connection, provision of roles, access)
  • CISCO knowledge
  • Experience with servers
  • English B2 and above
  • High self-organization
  • Ensuring the development and operation of software on file servers
  • Maintain a healthy working state of the server software.
  • Training users on the latest software systems and conducting advisory and explanatory work with users
  • Monitoring the use of network resources
  • Organization and control of access to local and global networks.
  • Detection of user errors and network software, system recovery.
  • Maintaining protocols for the reception of transmission equipment and other documentation.
  • Handling any requests for information technology
  • Installation of new and support the work of existing PCs / laptops, installation of software.
  • Install and support LAN routers and switches.
  • Troubleshooting network equipment
Please send your resume and call to appoint an interview: 0683393409 (Larisa)
Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
Contract duration: Full-time work
Required documents: Biometric passport
Working schedule: 8 hours
Salary 10 000-12 000 UAH
Description: We invite you to work in a foreign investment manufacturing company. IT analytics (system administrator)
We offer:
  • official employment and all social guarantees
  • opportunity for professional development and growth
  • interesting and stable work in an enterprise with foreign investment
  • business trip abroad every six months
  • study in the Czech Republic
Requirements for a candidate:
  • Higher completed education in the specialty "Computer Engineering"
  • Work experience - desirable but not required
  • Experienced MS office knowledge, preferably SAP i Hydra, SQL knowledge
  • Preferably: experience programming and customizing the SAP i Hydra program
  • English B2 and above
Required: responsibility, result orientation
Please send your resume and call for appointment appointment: 0500549904 (Oksana)


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