The main reasons for the refusal when you cross the border

The main reason for the refusal of Ukrainians to cross the border last year was “the travel goal was not proven”. There were 16,500 such cases.

This means that the border guard doubts the honesty, whom he “unfolded” at the border. Unfortunately, in this group – a lot of questionable failures, when a person, perhaps, was honest, but could not prove it. Also in this group are those who go to illegal work.
For comparison, in 2016 for this reason, 10,000 Ukrainians were denied entry.

In second place are those Ukrainians who were on the border with the EU, having neither a valid visa, nor a biometric passport. There were almost 8,000 of them. This number also includes those who had a visa, but it was canceled at the border due to the discrepancy between the “visa” and the real purpose of the visit.

The third most common cause of failure is the lack of funds to travel. 4370 Ukrainian faced this problem, whereas a year earlier there were a little more than 2 thousand.

The fourth and fifth total covered almost 4,500 cases. These are those Ukrainians who violated the rules of visa-free travel: either they exceeded the 90-day tenure in Schengen, or were deported earlier and decided that they could make a new passport and go again.


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