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Labor migration of Ukrainians for 2018

According to statistics, in 2018, 17.8% of the working-age population of Ukraine worked abroad. This is 3.2 million labor migrants from Ukraine. In general, an average of 7 to 9 million Ukrainians take part in the migration process annually.

The Ministry of Social Policy predicts the coming years to increase labor migration in Ukraine due to the high demand for skilled labor.

If you look at the dynamics of issuing residence permits for Ukrainians in the EU in 2014-2017, the vast majority of them concerned work. And every year this figure increased. If in 2014, the residence permit was received by 303 thousand Ukrainians, then by 2017 this figure increased to 662 thousand people. And the peak of the growth in issuing permits came in 2015, when the number of official residence permits to work in the EU countries was obtained by 65% ​​of Ukrainians more than in the previous year.


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