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The most paid professions abroad for employees

The demand for specialists from Ukraine in the foreign labor market is quite high.

The greatest demand is for our specialists in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and Lithuania.

In Europe, the highest wages people receive in Germany. A good salary in this country is offered to welders – 75,000 UAH, a laborer – 66 000 UAH, to production workers – 34,000 UAH. and others.

Czech Republic ranks 2nd in the number of job offers abroad. About 56 000 UAH. furniture upholsters, drivers, a little less builders get 45 000 UAH and workers in factories.

In Poland, the highest salaries are offered by the upholsterer of furniture – 56 000 UAH. Good remuneration is received by experts in the field of construction, transport and logistics and production workers – 35 000-40 000 UAH.


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