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Advantages of official employment in Hungary

Legal employment is the only chance to get a job in Hungary with decent wages, good living conditions and prospects for a long stay in the country.
The main advantages are:
1. You are the same rights as the Hungarians
By hiring an employee officially, the Hungarian entrepreneur not only pays your salary, but also pays for you all the relevant taxes. Thus, you are the same rights as the Hungarian – a guaranteed minimum wage, sick leave, compensation in case of an industrial injury, and the like.

2. You do not run the risk of meeting an unscrupulous employer. If the work is legal – you are always on time to pay wages.

3. You work under an employment contract.
The national work visa provides for work under an employment contract. The contract prescribes working conditions, accommodation, work schedule, wages. This is a standard contract that is legally binding and will protect you from any dishonesty on the part of the employer. Having such a document in your hands, you can contact the police and other regulatory authorities if the employer violates your rights.

4. You can get a good job
Large Hungarian enterprises hire only legal workers. First, they do not need problems with regulatory authorities. Secondly, they do not need “employees for several months,” they are interested in recruiting staff for a longer period.

5. You will receive an ID card (official permit for temporary residence in Hungary).
The ID card can be opened with the help of an employer in Hungary. It allows you to work and stay in the country for a certain time. For the first time, an ID card is usually opened for a period of 1 to 2 years. With such a document, a person can work on the territory of Hungary and freely cross its border.

* To produce an ID card, you need to contact the Migration Service of Hungary together with a representative of the company-employer. There you fill out all the necessary forms and forms, since the ID-card is biometric, then you also need to provide fingerprints.

** For those people working in Hungary legally and for a long time, there is an opportunity to obtain citizenship of the country.


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