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  • Sorry, this entry is only available in Ukrainian.

  • The main reason for the refusal of Ukrainians to cross the border last year was “the travel goal was not proven”. There were 16,500 such cases. This means that the border guard doubts the honesty,

  • From 2021, a global electronic security system will operate in the European Union, which will pre-register citizens planning to travel abroad. It is reported by the Migration Service of Ukraine. All countries of the world,

  • Among Ukrainians who go abroad for employment purposes, seasonal jobs are quite popular. If you are planning to get a seasonal job for the first time, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with its advantages

  • According to statistics from 2017, 2 million Ukrainians benefited from a visa-free regime with the countries of the European Union. According to the State Transfrontier Bureau of Ukraine , the most active move for a

  • According to statistics, in 2018, 17.8% of the working-age population of Ukraine worked abroad. This is 3.2 million labor migrants from Ukraine. In general, an average of 7 to 9 million Ukrainians take part in

  • From the New Year, the largest European labor market in Europe, Germany, should open for Ukrainian workers. Now in Germany there is a shortage of workers. The labor market deficit reaches 2 million people. In

  • On November 26, the Verkhovna Rada supported the introduction of martial law in Ukraine for 30 days. Martial law will be introduced in the following regions of Ukraine: Vinnytsia, Luhansk, Mykolaiv, Odessa, Sumy, Kharkiv, Chernihiv,

  • In recent years, the flow of labor migration from Ukraine is increasing. Labor migration has both positive and negative sides. On the one hand, remittances of labor migrants exceed foreign investment. At the same time,

  • The demand for specialists from Ukraine in the foreign labor market is quite high. The greatest demand is for our specialists in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and Lithuania. In Europe, the highest

  • Starting from November 7, the process of obtaining a biometric passport has been simplified. Now you can fill out an application for a document can be made online. To this, citizens for registration of biometric

  • Work in the Czech Republic allows you to get a job with a decent salary abroad. The advantage of employment in this country is its proximity to Ukraine and the high level of wages. 👨‍🔧Work

  • Starting from November 2, the visa-free agreement between Ukraine and Qatar will enter into force. Qatar boasts a wonderful combination of oceanfront holidays and inexpensive shopping. The best time to stay in Qatar is September-January

  • In countries such as the United States, Canada, and Germany, Ukrainian foreign workers earn three times as much as in other countries. Most people earn in the areas of construction and logistics (truckers). Poland offers

  • According to a sociological survey, most often among the countries in which Ukrainians would like to work was called Germany (37%). 26% would like to work in Poland United States – 22%, Canada – 21%,

  • The most popular areas of employment abroad People who work in the technical field and other skilled workers mainly travel to Poland and Russia. In general, 77% of people went for seasonal work and only

  • Where exactly Ukrainians go? The search for the best earnings and the best life makes our citizens go abroad. Almost half of Ukrainians migrated to Russia, which is explained by cultural and linguistic proximity. According

  • One of the most popular countries for Ukrainian workes has always been Poland. Collecting strawberries and other berries in Poland is one of the most popular seasonal works, to which Ukrainian is invited. But this

  • Seasonal workers from India, Bangladesh and other Asian countries  displace Ukrainian  workers from Poland. At the moment, Poland is a rather attractive country for labor migrants. The number of workers from Nepal increased, the number

  • Since 2021 the European Union has been changing the system of badges at its borders. For people who travel to the EU on a visa-free basis, a system called ETIAS – European travel information and

  • NBU promulgated information on remittances of Ukrainian guest workers. During January-July of 2018. The volume of money transfers amounted to 6.35 billion. dollars. Compared to 2017, the volume of remittances increased by 30%. Chairman of

  • The Ukrainian passport took 24th place in the number of opportunities it provides to its owner in the Global Passport Power Rank. Global Passport Power Rank is the most popular interactive tool in the world

  • From June 1, Ukraine and Turkey have an agreement on mutual entry of citizens on passports in the form of ID-cards – without foreign passports. Citizens of Ukraine and citizens of the Republic of Turkey

  • The most popular working professions are builders and handymans. In spite of the fact that in many European cities active construction of various objects, experienced personnel continues to be catastrophically lacking. So, owners of such professions

  • Most Ukrainians began to come to Poland on the basis of a visa-free regime, and not on the basis of a Polish card. Approximately 200,000 Ukrainians are still owners of a Pole card, but the

  • “Ukrzaliznytsya” launches trains to Vilnius and Riga from September 28. Without transplants from Ukraine by train, you can get to 8 EU countries. In addition to Lithuania and Latvia also to Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia

  • One of the easiest ways to go abroad for entrepreneurs across Europe is business immigration. The Hungarian Republic is no exception. To leave, the entrepreneur must register his company here formally, make a business plan,

  • There are three ways to get citizenship: By the principle of kinship (if both parents or one of them is an hungarian, the child automatically obtains citizenship) According to the territorial principle (if a child

  • A child under 12 years old is not fingerprinted, but this does not mean that the passport will not be biometric. A biometric passport is a passport with a chip, a photo of a child

  • 1. The first rule: travel without visas can only owners of biometric passports. The introduction of such passports was one of the conditions for the granting of a visa-free regime, and for good reason: only

  • Здається, віза у паспорті – гарантія перебування за кордоном без жодних проблем. Але це не зовсім так – все частіше фіксуються порушення візового режиму, які призводять до неприємних наслідків. Найчастіше таке відбувається через банальну необізнаність

  • The level of social and economic development of Hungary is determined by economic and demographic components. The average salary in the country is about € 500 (1,49400 HUF). According to the Hungarian Government Decree 347/2014

  • Legal employment is the only chance to get a job in Hungary with decent wages, good living conditions and prospects for a long stay in the country. The main advantages are: 1. You are the

г. Бюк, Nestle
Feedback on the proposed workРабота интересная, вакансия полностью соответствует действительности, прекрасные условия для жилья
Feedback on the work of our companyОчень приятные и ответственные менеджеры, отдельное огромное спасибо менеджеру Оксане, которая сопровождала нас в телефонном режиме к самому месту назначения в Венгрии, давала ответ на любой наш вопрос. Мы с мужем рады, что обратились именно в вашу компанию! Советуем Вас всем своим знакомым. Вы СУПЕР!!!
Feedback on the proposed workПрацюю через фірму Фокслі на заводі Payer в Угорщині. Все подобається, робота легка і спокійна. Умови проживання теж влаштовують.
Feedback on the work of our companyЗавжди можна розраховувати на допомогу від менеджерів - допоможуть, підкажуть, про вакансії і проживання розказують правду. Рекомендую звертатись - не пожалієте.
Feedback on the proposed workНачну что вакансия бесплатная, в отличие от других фирм. Работа супер! 3-разовое питание, очень даже неплохое. Жилье тоже - комната с кухней и санузлом, все новое. С сверхурочными часами зарплата - от 200 тис. форинтов.
Feedback on the work of our companyВсе озвученные условия соответствуют действительности. Спасибо менеджеру Ларисе за помощь.
Барді склад
Feedback on the proposed workРобота нормальна, мені подобається більше ніж на заводі, не така монотонна. Великий плюс - розташування, в самому Будапешті.
Feedback on the work of our companyВсе як розказали - так і є. Буду звертатись ще.
Feedback on the proposed workРобота нормальна, оплата вчасно, на руки виходить приблизно 180-200 тисяч форинтів, найкраще - що зразу офіційно оформлюють і роблять дозвіл на роботу на 2 роки. Можна працювати на постійній основі.
Feedback on the work of our companyВсе вчасно, виїзд того числа, коли обіцяли. По зарплаті, умовах - все дуже нормально пояснили. Спочатку було трохи непривично, що вакансія безплатна - але все дійсно чесно з боку фірми виявилось. Дякую дівчатам за допомогу!
завод ауді. м. дьор
Feedback on the proposed workробота відповідає дійсності. порівняно з польщею, то робота вдвічі легша і за більші гроші. від компанії працюю 6 місяць. нарікань немає. чесно. справедливо, офіційно
Feedback on the work of our companyз компаніі знайомий лише з Лілею. дівчина приємна. її слова відповідають дійсності.
Саша, Кировоград
Завод самсунг
Feedback on the proposed workЗавод чистый, работа несложная. Ехал с женой - живем вдвоем, хостел в Будапеште. На детей есть льготы.
Feedback on the work of our companyВсе что рассказывал менеджер - соответствует действительности. В Ивано-Франковске встретили, как и обещали )
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