Business abroad

One of the easiest ways to go abroad for entrepreneurs across Europe is business immigration. The Hungarian Republic is no exception.

To leave, the entrepreneur must register his company here formally, make a business plan, negotiate a rental of the premises, hire employees. And only then to start production, the initial capital of which is not less than 2000 euros. Revenues of the organization should be high enough – not less than 2, 4 thousand dollars.

By registering a firm, an entrepreneur will be able to quickly make GNP for 1 year (with a continuation of 2 years), and after 3 years to change it to permanent residence. In order to become a temporary resident, you will need to be the official director of the firm, as well as provide documents on the living space (within 18 square meters), an extract from the bank account for financial independence for 1 year. Also you will be able to carry your family.


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